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Acknowledgement at Quest University

As a visitor on Unceeded territories, I abstain from asking anything before prior offering, and rather embody my respect in a loving resistance to asking a question within an institutional framework.

Quest University Canada, a Liberal Arts private non for profit university sitting on Unceeded Skwxwu7mesh territories is based around the Question to Keystone block program. We don't have a minor nor a major, we spend a block, three and a half weeks of a daily immersion into a course with a professor on particular topics. The Question block is meant to give direction to the concentration program, which is similar to the specialization one can obtain in a senior's thesis, through the later Keystone.

I chose not to ask a question, but rather question the question, and make an acknowledgement titled: weaving loves with-in all relations (?*). It took me to a private meeting with the teacher mentoring the course, the Chief Academic Officer and the Dean of Students, where I was told I would fail the class if I did not ask a question. Thus, the question mark had to be included in a performative manner between brackets with an asterisk to obtain an approval. Hear the irony of the western methodologies.

You can see the entire proposal here:


Autumn Skye , Light Work.

“I honour you for your unique expression, your creative hands, your boundless compassion, and your unwavering bravery to share yourself with the world. In each moment that we choose love and connection over fear and separation, we are healing our ancestors, the generations to come, and the earth on which we live. Though our stories may be spoken in unfamiliar languages, we may wear strange adornments and call god by a different name, we are all woven together. We are threads in the same tapestry, sovereign yet supported, and made stronger and brighter by each other. This is a co-creation, a grand masterpiece. So keep faith beloved friends, choose love, and together let's continue this Light Work.”

-Autumn Skye

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