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Being a Mapuche and Euro-American ancestries young mother, multidisciplinary artist, cultural facilitator and student of bachelor of arts & sciences; life has taught me that resilience and perseverance bring fruition to dreams. Manifesting our purpose is an imminent emergency in moments of social and ecological crisis; when the intellect has been glorified leaving the heart desecrated.  Through the arts, natural healing processes and indigenous methodologies, I share a little bit of my experience. May the springs of my visualization inspire you as much as they ignite profound transformation in me!  Please explore this website and contact me if you wish to know more.


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“Tami piwke trürümerkeymi"

Put your heart parallel to yourself!

Walk according to your own heart!

Perhaps the shortest and brightest ngülam (advice) of the ancient mapuche sapiential tradition. Given at the beginning of puberty, the receiver had to preserve it and repeat it –to themselves and to others– all along their life. Regarding this, it results frequent to find it in various chants (ül) heading some of its verses with the expression “tami piwké…” classical foot of the creations of the native lyric.

The heart is the headquarters and the essential nucleus of the humanity of the individual. In the mapuche culture, the word includes a cumulus of psychological and spiritual richness. It is the place where one reigns and orders (pin), “to attach” (ükeln), “to calm and to quieten” (ükin) or “forget” (uküm), all possible meanings according to the syllabic component of the term in Mapudungun. The heart is the room of commands of the will where one expresses (“it is ordered” = pi), the willingness to concentrate and quieten the chaotic multiplicity of affections, impulses, reactions, sympathies, hatreds, thoughts and passions. Otherwise, the piwke (or piuke) is that small universe able to “rotate or spin around itself”, integrating all the reality of being “around its own axe”, if we convene to derive the voice of the piwküll, another possible etymology.

The recommendation of maintaining an internal unicity of the heart, disregarding the multiple resonances of the mind that collide with and tyrannize it –which at the same time constitutes of a congruent call to action and in accord with its nature– is an appeal to exclude duality. Formerly, finding two or three hearts at the death of the almost mythical warriors that had become unbeatable, was not a positive sign; instead it was associated with the obscure arts of wizards, except for the great Kalfükura, the warrior that generated an auxiliary heart because the first one did not suffice. (Although there has to be seen in that the metaphor of his second existence, reincarnated now in the molds of the wingka or occidental.)

In consequence, the merit is in the own volitional effort, ordering from the personal inclinations with a natural settling in the cordial organ. The true art consists then not in obtaining by magic new hearts to become invulnerable, but in “putting alignment”, calibrating and tuning life with existence along with the real feeling or truth of the heart. That “walking along with our own heart” means to order to it to fasten and adjust its steps according to the internal pattern, inscribed more deeply and further within than the changing uproar of stimulus that resonate from outside. And “being moved from the outside” results being the quintessence of the indigenous witchcraft, which gestates demons, the same ones that are swept away when the heart is put parallel to the spirit.

Excerpt from a working translation of "Yerpun, The Sacred Book from the Southern Lands" Chapter I, “Doctrines for the Advancement of the Soul”, by Ziley Mora Penroz, on Mapuche aphorisms. 

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